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Libro “Apuntes sobre diseño gráfico. Teoría, enseñanza e investigación”

      APUNTES SOBRE DISEÑO GRÁFICO TEORIA, ENSEÑANZA E INVESTIGACIÓN Carlos Moreno Rodríguez ISBN: 978-2-9600880-8-3 2014 Editado por: Centre d’Etudes Sociales sur Amérique Latine (CESAL) Bruselas – Belgica. Diseño y Diagramación: Estudio Caos http://www.estudiocaos.com/ [email protected] [Descargar]  

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What UX Is and What Isn’t

What is user experience design? The common misconception comes from the word design. Due to influence of fashion, design is often associated with aesthetics of the product. User Experience Design is much more complex than you think. It is all about EXPERIENCE. It involves all of our senses and get stuck in our memories and more […]

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A simple typographic trick to increase text readability by up to 30%

At its very heart typography is about two things: legibility, which is concerned with how distinguishable letters, words and phrases are; and readability which deals with how easy it is for the brain to convert those elements into a coherent message. Have you ever found yourself reading a single line of text twice, as if […]

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